Antique Motif Mini Basket Stool

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The Cross Metal Mini Stool is handcrafted in stainless steel, with custom print plush velvet, an accent stool like no other. It promises to turn heads and be a comfortable seat nevertheless. Handmade with love by skilled Indian artisans, the brilliant metal edge formed as grid speaks volumes on the delightful craftsmanship and simplicity of this stool. Lightweight yet sturdy, this is a must have in your home.

This Antique collection is stimulated by everything timeworn, antiquated craftsmanship, pichwai art, and carvings from eternities ago. Peeling paint, fragmented walls, rustic finishes and splashes of gold. The old has never failed to fascinate and charm, enthralling to keep the old fashioned alive in the present.

All Artychoke products are Made in India with locally sourced materials. Everything is handmade by skilled artisans, keeping local trade and talent alive. Our philosophy is to be kind to the environment, hence our organisation plants thousands of trees per year and supports no animal cruelty. In essence we make sustainable & eco-friendly products which will last through generations.