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Facets Grey Round Tray


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Is it Wood? Is it Glass? Is it Art? Wooden trays that look like glass! Strong, light weight and highly durable these round trays have the contemporary facets design in black, white and greys bestowed all over the top and sides making it apiece to admire and adore.

The surreal sight of the art work comes alive on this tray in interesting monochrome shades. The colors are subtle and blend well with each other to form an interesting mosaic. The perfect piece to bring loads more excitement to the coffee conversations. It is antistatic for dust prevention and is heat, moisture and oil resistant.

Out of stock


SIZE: 13×2 inches (DIAxH)

SET: Includes 1 tray

DESIGN: Inspired and Infused with Original Art

NOTE: This is a pictorial representation, the actual colours may vary slightly


Black, Grey, White

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