Rose Quartz High Gloss Organizers


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The little tools in the kitchen, office or lounge have one place to go with the clean and contemporary Holders.

-Made In India
-Food Safe
-Lead Free

This two compartment stand is a thing of beauty as well as utility. You can use it to highlight a corner in your office, kitchen or lounge, where it can hold stationery items, cutlery or other things of frequent use. Use the holder to keep things sorted in the kitchen or in your office and keep that bunch of napkins in an impeccable stack in the napkin holder section. The colors are subtle and will work as a beautiful decor piece on the table while serving as an essentially useful item.

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COMPOSITION: Wood with Enamel

SIZE: 7×2.5×5″ & 7×2.5×4″

SET: Includes 2 cutlery holders, can be bought individually

DESIGN: Inspired & Infused with Original Art

NOTE: This is a pictorial representation, the actual colours may differ slightly


Light PInk,


Small, Large, Set of 2

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